Il Maggio Organistico presenta Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)

A cura di Maria Teresa Ferrante


Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)

Israel in Egypt, HWV 54

Oratorio in due parti per soli, coro e orchestra  

Parte prima 

1. “Now here arose”, (recitativo N. Robertson) 

2. “And the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage: And their cry…” (coro) 

3. “Then sent He Moses”, (recitativo P. Salmon) 

4. “They loathed to drink”, (coro)  

5. “Their land brought”, (aria A. Stafford)  

6. “He spake the word”, (coro)  

7. “He gave them hailstones”, (coro)  

8. “He sent a thick darkness”, (coro)  

9. “He smote all the first-born”, (coro)  

10. “But as for His people’: (coro)  

11. “Egypt was glad”, (coro)  

12. “He rebuked the Red Sea”, (coro)  

13. “He led them”, (coro)  

14. “But the waters”, (coro)  

15. “And Israel saw”, (coro)  

16. “And believed the Lord”, (coro)  

Parte seconda 

Moses’ Song

17. “Moses, and the children’: introitus – (coro) 

18. “I will sing”, (coro) 

19. “The Lord is my strengh”, (duo Ruth Holton e E. Priday) 

20. “He is my God”, (coro) 

21. “And I will exalt him”, (coro) 

22. “The Lord is a man of war”, (duo J. Clarkson, C. Purves) 

23. “The depths have covered them”, (coro) 

24. “Thy right hand”, (coro) 

25. “And in the greatness”, (coro) 

26. “Thou sentest forth”, (coro) 

27. “And with the blast”, (coro) 

28. “The enemy said”, (aria P. Salmon) 

29. “Thou didst blow”, (aria P. Salmon) 

30. “Who is like unto Thee”, (coro) 

31. “The earth swallowed them”, (coro) 

32. “Thou is thy mercy”, (duo J. P. Kenny e P. Salmon)  

33. “The people shall hear”, (coro) 

34. “Thou shalt bring”, (aria M. Chance)  

35. “The Lord shall reign”, (coro) 

36. “For the horse of Pharoah”, (recitativo P. Tindall)  

37. “The Lord shall reign”, (coro) 

38. “And Miriam the prophetess”, (recitativo A. Tusa) 

39. “Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriusly! The Lord shall reign…”, (D. Deam e coro) 

Ruth Holton, soprano 

Elisabeth Priday, soprano 

Donna Deam, soprano 

Patrick Collin, contro-tenore 

Ashley Stafford, contro-tenore 

Jonathan Peter Kenny, contro-tenore 

Michael Chance, contro-tenore 

Nicolas Robertson, tenore 

Philip Salmon, tenore 

Paul Tindall, tenore 

Andrew Tusa, tenore 

Julian Clarkson, basso 

Christopher Purves, basso 

Ian Watson, organo  

Timothy Roberts, organo 

Monteverdi Choir & Orchestra

John Eliot Gardiner, direttore