La Musica di Ameria Radio del 31 luglio 2023 presenta musica di Henry Purcell

A cura di Maria Teresa Ferrante


Henry Purcell (1659-1695) 

The Indian Queen Z. 630 

Semi-opera con dialogo in cinque atti  

basata su una tragedia di John Dryden e Robert Howard 

01. First Music – Air 

02. Second Music – Air 

03. Overture 

04. Trumpet Tune 


05. Wake Quivera, wake 

06. Why should men quarrel 

07. By ancient prophecies 

08. Trumpet Tune 

Atto secondo: 

09. Symphony 

10. I come to sing great Zempoalla’s story 

11. What flatt’ring noise is this 

12. Scorn’d Envy, ther’s nothing 

13. Trumpet tune 

14. We come to sing great Zempoalla’s story 

15. Dance 

16. Second act tune 

Atto terzo: 

17. Dance 

18. Ye twice ten hundred deities 

19. Symphony – Seek not to know wha must not be reveal’d 

20. Trumpet Overture 

21. Ah! Ah! How happy are we 

22. We the spirits of the air 

23. I attempt form Love’s sickness to fly in vain 

24. Thrid Act tune: Rondeau 

Atto quarto: 

25. They tell us that you mighty powers aboce 

26. Fourth act tune: Air 

Atto quinto: 

27. While thus we bow 

28. You who at the altar stand – All dismal sounds 

John Mark Ainsley, ragazzo indiano 

Emma Kirkby, ragazza indiana, Zempoalla – regina del Messico 

John Mark Ainsley, Fama 

David Thomas, Envy 

Gerald Finley, Ismeron 

Thomas Williams, Re dei Sogni 

Catherine Bott, Orazia – figlia di Inca 

David Thomas, Sommo Sacerdote 

Gerald Finley, Imene 

Libby Crabtree, seguace di Imene 

Academy of Ancient Music Chorus 

Academy of Ancient Music Chamber Ensemble 

Christopher Hogwood, direttore