La Domenica di Ameria Radio del 5 giugno 2022 ore 12 – Henry Purcell

A cura di Maria Teresa Ferrante

Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695)
The Tempest or The Enchanted Island

  1. Overture
    ACT 1
  2. Where does the black fiend
  3. Around, around we pace
  4. Arise, ye subterranean winds
  5. Dance of Winds


  1. Comme unto these yellow sands
  2. Full fathom five
  3. Dry those eyes
  4. Kind fortune smiles


  1. Dance of Devils
  2. The sailor’s dance
  3. Dear pretty youth


  1. Great Neptune!
  2. The nereids and Tritons
  3. Aeolus, you must appear
  4. Your awful voice I hear
  5. Halcyon days
  6. See, see, the heavens smile
  7. No stars again shall hurt you

Rosemary Hardy, soprano
Roderick Earle, basso
Carol Hall, soprano
David Thomas, basso
Jennifer Smith, soprano
Stephen Varcoe, baritono
John Elwes, tenore

Monteverdi Choir
Monteverdi Orchestra
John Eliot Gardiner, direttore