Il Maggio Organistico presenta musiche di William Boyce

A cura di Maria Teresa Ferrante


William Boyce (1711-1779) 

David’s Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan (Graham Lea-Cox) 

Ouverture. Largo – Presto Allegro  


1. Chorus: “Sing, sacred prophet”  

2. Rec.: “Now Saul”  

3. Aria: “Isral is fall’n”  

4. Rec.: “Davide return’d”  

5. Aria: “Swift indulge thy cruel aid”  

6. Rec.: “Seeing the king”  

7. Aria: “Take this bracelet”  

8. Rec.: “Struck as with thunder”  

9. Chorus: “For Saul they fast, for Jonathan they weep”  

10. Rec.: “David again”  

11. Aria: “How cou’d consience hush her stings”  

12. Rec.: “Then David the Amalekite survey’d”  

13. Aria à 2: “Sad Israel”  

14. Rec.: “Nover, o never”  

15. Aria: “On thee, mount Gilboa”  

16. Chorus: “Daughters of Israel weep”  

17. Rec.: “How are the mighty fallen!”  

18. Chorus: “How are the mighty fallen”  

Patrick Burrowes, voce bianca – soprano 

William Purefoy, voce bianca alto 

Andrew Watts, controtenore 

Richard Edgar-Wilson, tenore 

Michael George, bass-baritono 

clavicembalo e basso continuo: 

Timothy Roberts, clavicembalo 

Katherine Sharman, violoncello 

Timothy Lyons, contrabbasso 

The Choir of New College, Oxford 

The Hanover Band 

Graham Lea-Cox, direttore